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Close to nature

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Treetop Snow



Our house is located in a very quiet place, on the slope of the Soszów mountain, in the heart of the ski complex. From the windows of the house you will see the entire panorama of the Silesian Beskids, but you will not see roads, blocks or buses.

Guest access

We offer our guests nice cozy rooms, for every two there is one bathroom with a shower and a toilet. Guests can enjoy a shared breakfast in the dining room with a fireplace. There, they can prepare tea and coffee from the coffee maker at any time. If necessary, we will also provide you with a mushroom dryer, refrigerator and other household appliances. In the dining room you can watch the evening news, play guitar and bongo, play a game of Worms or any other board game.

Contact with guests

We like to have contact with our guests. We are happy to share breakfast with you, have a morning coffee, play a board game.
However, if you want to take a break from people and experience "peace of mind" - we will not impose ourselves on you.
We are here for you, also when you don't need us :)

Other important things

We are permanent residents of this beautiful house. We have three sons - Witek (12 years old), Staś (15 years old) and Jaś (5 years old), a cat, Wyzia and Marlenka, and a herd of goats and chickens.

We are friendly and helpful.